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Laser advertising

Efficient promotional channels for goods and services are a guarantee for high level sales. If you want to attract attention of the potential clients to your company, to rise popularity of your brand, and consequently ensure the sales growth, we propose you an absolutely new innovative communication channel.


Laser publicity is a laser show in essence, which consists of bright and colorful, unforgettable animation commercials projection using laser settings. Any images (your company logo, brand name or product images etc.) and commercials on flat surfaces (facades and walls of the buildings etc.) as well as on trees, hills etc. can be projected with these settings. They allow to demonstrate images and commercials in a broad format, which undoubtedly add a large scale and faerie to your commercial action.

Working with our company guarantees you unique and large-scaled commercials, which will give you competitive advantage in the market and in your field.


Laser commercial stimulates longer memorization of the goods in the minds of the buyers.

In this way you will strengthen your goods in the 'set of choices' of the consumer and will emotionally color the aura of the brand. Laser commercial is one of the key elements in the strategy of your market success.


You may be sure that laser commercial will not leave your potential customers indifferent!

Laser Projection
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The use of laser in advertising
лазерная рекламаlaser advertising building
поверхность для лазерной рекламыsurface laser advertising
лазерная реклама на холмеlaser projection advertising