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Laser show at your celebration

Laser show is a kind of a contemporary art, based on laser system, which together with creative professionals and technical specialists turns into a wonderful performance. Besides laser effects other elements can be used in the show, such as video-projection, pyrotechnics and fountains, depending on scenography and production of the event. Laser show may significantly decorate and emotionally amplify spectators' perception in various show-programs and presentations. Introducing laser show into your arsenal, you definitely win.

Laser show types:

Mixed laser show

In a day-to-day practice we often combine graphic and rays show, for example, when besides the basic laser projector, working for the screen, additional lasers are used. During this kind of show lasers embrace all the space with their rays, and thanks to synchronization with the music, they amplify perception of the show. That is why, this kind of laser performance is the brightest and the most large-scaled one.


Graphic laser show

Among other, we work with laser graphic stations for programming and reproduction of laser animation to various surfaces: translucent screen, water screen, buildings, balloons and other plain surfaces. As a rule, translucent screen is used for laser clip projection, it is not seen in the darkness and that is why the projected ../images seem to hover in the air, which creates a real faerie. Laser animation, created by the artist specially for the given show in advance, may include the logo of your company, mottoes and any other ../images. As a rule, laser clip is created by the artist as a short logically complete story.


Rays laser show

Geometric ../images created by laser in a smoky air create space figures: flatnesses, cones etc., which move in the air, changing form and color. This kind of laser show is undoubtedly spectacular, as the laser rays embrace all the space of the field and this produces unforgettable impression on the audience.


Constant progress of the laser show is explained by a fast development of the laser effects and software, as well as attendant technics. Modern laser systems are compact, mobile and ergonomic installations, these characteristics open new horizons for creativity. Musical accompaniment is an important part of the show as well. A qualitative selection of the musical accompaniment, corresponding to an emotional state, a strict synchronization of the music and laser effects amplify impact on the audience, fully submerge them into performance.

Laser systems application for the shows of the industry is not limited only by laser performances. There are also other methods of their usage, for example, laser commercial or laser decoration. Everything depends on your fantasy.